The Evergreen


The Evergreen was our first grow cabinet design. It provides plenty of room to grow inside, while not dominating your living space. It is a “standard” cabinet depth and does not overly protrude from the wall. The Evergreen will complement any room of your home while bringing you the joy of indoor growing and gardening. This model comfortably fits up to four marijuana plants.

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Product Information


THE EVERGREEN is an evolved version of the original Oregon Grow Cabinet. It holds four plants with plenty of room to stretch out. It is designed to fit into your living room or other living spaces such as a large bedroom with flair. We use top notch electrical components and lights by Dorm Grow. Our units are easily serviceable and parts can be swapped out in kind. Choose from our standard Cherry configuration or explore other wood combinations.

The Evergreen was our first grow cabinet design.



  • Electronic Environment Control Panel
  • Programmable light timer
  • Exhaust fan speed
  • Air-tight foam insulation interior
  • Bottom fully extends out for easy access to your plants
  • Fully reflective interior to optimize growth
  • Reflective waterproof ABS plastic bottom tray
  • Carbon filter eliminates odors
  • Super bright 400 watt HPS equivalent LED (240 operating Watts) grow lighting with adjustable height
  • Beautiful solid Cherry wood door
  • Super rugged fine furniture grade construction
  • Fine European cabinet hardware
  • Low VOC environmentally friendly lacquer finish

Options (Available on checkout)

  • Non marking casters


Weight: 150 lbs

Dimensions: 51”H x 32” W x 24 ¾” D

Inside Grow Space: 4.5 Square feet

Grow Height: 36 Inches

Manufactured: Oregon, USA

Assembly: None required


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