The Broadleaf


Our double-door Broadleaf model is for the grower who wants two separate growing areas each with its own light control all within the same unit or those who just want lots of room. Different lighting conditions are needed depending on whether your plants are in their growth or flowering stages. Light requirements also vary species to species. Serious cannabis growers will love this model because they can keep their clone generating “mother” plant in the vegetative stage while having a separate lighting environment to bring plants to flower. Another great arrangement would be food production on one side and marijuana on the other

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Behold the Broadleaf. Featuring two large, entirely separate growing chambers; each with independent lighting and heating controls. This allows for a diverse array of growing scenarios. Use one side to keep your “mother plant” safely in the vegetative state while bringing clones to flower in the other. How about growing different strains on each side and fine-tuning their growing conditions to suit? Or grow cannabis on one side and vegetables on the other.

We use Dorm Grow Lights. Voted the best LED grow light for 2017 by High Times Magazine.



  • Electronic Environment Control Panel
  • Two Programmable light timers (one for each compartment)
  • Programmable thermostatically controlled radiant heat
  • Exhaust fan speed
  • Air-tight foam insulation interior
  • Bottom fully extends out for easy access to your plants
  • Fully reflective interior to optimize growth
  • Reflective waterproof ABS plastic bottom trays
  • Carbon filter eliminates odors
  • Two super bright 240 watt Dorm Grow LED grow lights with adjustable height
  • Beautiful hardwood doors
  • Super rugged fine furniture grade construction
  • Fine European cabinet hardware
  • Low VOC environmentally friendly lacquer finish

Options (Available on checkout)

  • Non marking casters


Weight: 250 lbs

Dimensions: 51″ H x 61 1/2″ W x 27 3/16″ D

Inside Grow Space: 9 Square feet (4.5 sqft on each side)

Grow Height: 36 Inches

Manufactured: Oregon, USA

Assembly: None required


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