Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your warranty?

    Our warranty is good for a period of ten years from the date of purchase and it is transferable. The warranty covers craftsmanship and materials only. Electrical components are manufactured by third parties and installed by OGC to specification. Warranty for electrical components is covered under the terms of the manufacturer and not by OGC.

  • Can I order custom cabinet sizes?

    Custom cabinet sizes are not available. We have designed our four models to satisfy most needs. Please do reach out and let us know what you would be interested in seeing OGC manufacture in the future.

  • Can I order custom wood combinations?

    Absolutely. You have wood options available to you directly through our website checkout process. If you require something different or would like to match style/aesthetic of your house decor in more detail, please contact us on the bottom of the page and we can provide a quote through our custom shop option.

  • Do you ship?

    Yes, we do ship our cabinets to the US and Canada. Other international shipping can be requested, but will remain the discretion of OGC. The Manzanita will arrive either by UPS or private carrier. All larger models will arrive via freight. Special charges apply. Please contact us to get a shipping quote.

  • Can I personally pickup my cabinet?

    Yes, you can pick up your unit from our workshop in Central Oregon. OGCs are built just outside of Bend. If you live in the area or have been meaning to take a road trip out this way, we would be happy to help you load up. Select “pickup” during checkout, and we will contact you with directions and pick-up arrangements when your cabinet is ready.

  • What happens if an electrical component goes bad?

    Electrical components can easily be swapped out or replaced. Having this ability is one of our most important design considerations, ensuring that your grow cabinet can be serviced and maintained for many years to come. For example, every component has easily accessible quick-connect plugs and the exhaust fan assembly is mounted with bolts on our larger model, not screws. Remember to always unplug your unit before servicing. Be sure to call an electrician if you are not comfortable working with electrical components. Safety first!

  • How much energy do your cabinets consume?

    The Manzanita costs just a couple of dollars per month to operate. The Evergreen and Conifer models cost about five dollars and the Broadleaf model will cost about eight dollars per month. If you are running one of our units with built-in heat in an unheated room, expect to pay a few dollars more. At least you don’t have to heat the entire room! These estimates are based on the national average electricity rate using a Kill-a-Watt meter.

  • Can I use my cabinet in an unheated room, garage or shop?

    Yes. It must be one of our three larger units with built-in heat. Typically, our grow cabinets can maintain a suitable internal growing environment when the external air temperature is 50 degrees or higher. Make sure to run your exhaust fan at the lowest setting when external temperatures reach near the 50 degrees mark. If your garage or shop tends to be dusty, make sure to clean the intake air filter more frequently. If your shop activities are generating sawdust, you will want to temporarily unplug the unit until the air clears.

  • What are the maintenance requirements?

    Maintenance is simple and easy, but very important to ensure long service life and quiet operation. Clean the air intake filter and exhaust filter between uses. Dirty filters restrict airflow and put unnecessary strain on the exhaust motor, potentially shortening its lifespan. Wipe the inside and outside of the unit with a damp cloth to clean dust. Avoid harsh cleaners that can stain the wood or damage the finish. This type of damage is not covered under warranty.

  • What are the laws for growing cannabis in my state?

    First and foremost, do your own due diligence. OGC will not be held liable for personal negligence. While still federally illegal to possess and grow cannabis, many states have taken it upon themselves to draft their own laws. We no not promote illegal growing.

  • How much noise do your cabinets make?

    The exhaust on the Manzanita has one setting and is whisper quiet. For the Evergreen, Conifer and Broadleaf on the lowest setting, the exhaust fan cannot be heard unless you put your ear directly against the outtake. On medium, the volume is about what you would expect from a desktop computer. On high, it is comparable to a quiet conversation. Only use the high setting if you need to cool the cabinet down quickly.

  • Do odors leak into the room?

    Odors do not leak from the closed cabinet. The onboard carbon filter eliminates smells and the tight seal on the inside of the cabinet ensure that all air passes through the filter. When you open the door, you should expect some odors from your plants to be released, but they will be minimal.

  • How much yield can I expect?

    First and foremost, this depends entirely on the experience of the grower. An experienced grower can produce about three dried ounces per grow in the Manzanita when all goes right. The Conifer can produce anywhere from six-eights ounces in the right hands. A decent grow for a beginner can expect roughly one ounce per plant. These are gross estimates… Our cabinets provide your plants with the perfect growing environment; but it is up to you, the grower, to provide everything else. Growing is full of challenges but it’s a heck of a lot of fun and can be very rewarding.

  • Do you offer automatic watering systems?

    The answer is no, not yet. But we are considering options. There is room inside our larger cabinets to house a water reservoir and plug-in system if you’d like to add one. Just be extra careful of water leaking and causing damage. This would not be covered under warranty.

  • Do you offer hydroponic or aeroponic systems?

    No, not yet, maybe soon. We believe soil to be the best medium for growing quality cannabis but realize that many people like to grow with these methods and it’s something we’re considering offering.

  • Can you build me a custom design cabinet?

    Yes. We offer a custom shop option and the sky is the limit. You just have to choose one of our base models to work with. We can incorporate exotic woods, inlays, artistic accents and combine some neat materials for a unique and special cabinet. Contact us below to start a conversation and we can provide you with a quote and lead time.

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