About Us

With the legalization of marijuana, I began doing some research online to see what products were on the market that would meet indoor homegrowers’ needs. I had a few important criteria:

  1. I wanted a grow that would be integrated into the main living space and daily routine, so it had to look great.
  2. I wanted a thought-out and efficient design utilizing the latest technology.
  3. It had to be rugged, built to last and serviceable.

Long story short, I came up empty-handed…

As a tech buff by hobby and furniture maker by trade, my first thought was that I could design and build a unit myself that would fit my needs perfectly, so I hit the drawing board. After countless design alterations, tweaks and improvements, I had arrived and the first Oregon Grow Cabinet looked great brimming with green in the living room.

Growing good and plentiful marijuana is never as easy as pushing a button, as some will try and sell you on. Our grow cabinets provide the grower with the ideal environment to be able to achieve rewarding results with some well spent time and effort. It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran cannabis grower or someone who has only just begun to research what you would need to get started: our grow cabinets are your best option.


Adam Bronstein

Guiding Principles

One of my guiding principles is “build it once, build it right” and applying this philosophy to Oregon Grow Cabinets was the only way. My approach to design puts equal emphasis on aesthetics, structural integrity and user experience. Taking the extra time and utilizing the best available materials and reliable technology translates into dependability for the long haul.


Good craftsmanship seems to be in short supply nowadays. Product longevity and service life concerns have been swept under the rug by companies trying to sell you the latest flashy technology and automation. The long service-life of our grow cabinets will provide you with meaningful payback over time, in addition to the money you will save by growing your own cannabis at home. To back this up, we stand behind our cabinets with a ten year guarantee on workmanship and materials.

Our Products

We build the best quality cannabis grow cabinets on the market today. Our beautiful cabinets come in many different sizes and configurations that you will want to proudly display in your home. They are built to last and are backed by our limited ten year guarantee on craftsmanship and materials.