Grow Cabinet Models

We build the best quality cannabis grow cabinets on the market today. Our beautiful cabinets come in many different sizes and configurations that you will want to proudly display in your home. They are built to last and are backed by our limited ten year guarantee on craftsmanship and materials.

  • The Manzanita micro-grow cabinet is the most advanced and versatile grow cabinet that we build, and it is also happens to be our most affordable unit we offer for sale. We wanted a model with a reasonable price point but built without compromise. At a little over three feet high, it can fit into most living spaces without getting in your way. Our patent pending design maximizes airflow to your plants while keeping the electronics running cool. It features an amazing corrosion resistant mirror interior and like our other units, we utilize hardwood materials and employ quality furniture grade construction. Like our entire line of grow cabinet, it is completely serviceable and is backed by our ten year guarantee.

  • THE EVERGREEN is an evolved version of the original Oregon Grow Cabinet. It holds four plants with plenty of room to stretch out. It is designed to fit into your living room or other living spaces such as a large bedroom with flair. We use top notch electrical components and lights by Dorm Grow. Our units are easily serviceable and parts can be swapped out in kind. Choose from our standard Cherry configuration or explore other wood combinations.

  • THE CONIFER grow cabinet is a scaled up version of the Evergreen, giving you more room to stretch out in every direction. It’s wider, taller and deeper allowing you to let your cannabis get large and bulky. Bigger plants equals bigger yields. The Conifer is most at home in utility spaces such as garages and laundry rooms. Optional non-skid casters make moving your cabinet a breeze. 

  • Coming Soon

    Behold the Broadleaf. Featuring two large, entirely separate growing chambers; each with independent lighting and heating controls. This allows for a diverse array of growing scenarios. Use one side to keep your “mother plant” safely in the vegetative state while bringing clones to flower in the other. How about growing different strains on each side and fine-tuning their growing conditions to suit? Or grow cannabis on one side and vegetables on the other.

Built Just For You

  • Grow Your Own

    Many people are discovering that they no longer need to solely rely on the dispensaries for their supply. Also, much like cultivating your own food, by growing your own marijuana you are in total control from start to finish. Even better, you can grow 100% organically. Be confident that you are not consuming harmful pesticides or herbicides.

  • Craftsmanship

    Our cabinets are built to the highest standards that we can achieve. Every model was designed with serviceability in mind so electrical components can be easily swapped out. We stand behind our craftsmanship with a ten year guarantee.

  • Looks great in your home

    Aesthetics and function do not have to be mutually exclusive. Our grow cabinets are constructed to furniture standards and designed to fit naturally in any room in your home. Choose from many different beautiful hardwoods to match your home’s décor or personal style.

  • Save Money

    Cannabis is expensive. By growing your own supply, you are taking financial control. We see our grow cabinets as a good investment. In addition to the short term benefits to your wallet by growing your own marijuana, our cabinets pay you back longterm over years of dependable service.

  • Best Technology

    Geek out with a level of precision and control that is unrivaled. Test your own hypotheses to optimize growth and produce better results. We utilize state of the art LED lighting and efficient electrical components.

  • Hidden in plain sight

    Save for close inspection, your new grow cabinet looks like.. a cabinet. Carbon filtration keeps the air 100% scent free. Light is contained within the unit. And fan noise can be kept whisper quiet. An optional remote controlled magnetic lock keeps unwanted hands out of your grow space with 600 lbs of holding power.

  • Energy Efficient

    Each model is fully insulated with reflective foam board. Tight seals at all joints around the door create a highly controllable environment. Our mid-sized model costs on average $5 per month in electricity costs to operate.

  • Quality Built

    We only use the best materials and components in the construction of our grow cabinets, ensuring years of trouble free use.

  • Scent Control

    All of our models feature smart scent control filtration to keep smells from entering the room. This is especially important for those living with high smell sensitivities and discreetness.

  • Air Exchange

    Plants need a fresh supply of Co2 and the removal of O2. Airflow also removes harmful heat given off from electronics keeping your plants from overheating.

  • Security

    All of our models come standard with locking features. Our Manzanita uses a state-of-the-art RFID system to keep those who might get a little too curious in check.

  • Light Containment

    We have put thought into engineering our cabinets to contain as much light as possible. For instance, the backs of our door panels fit snuggly inside the grow chamber when closes.