Marijuana Grow Cabinets – Who Makes The Best Grow Cabinet For Sale?

  • Posted on Feb 26, 2018

Grow Cabinet in a dining roomHome marijuana cultivation is becoming a popular pastime and in states where cannabis has been legalized. The rush is on! The benefits and joys of home growing are endless and people are discovering that they have a right to keep and grow plants at home. I’m often surprised by the number of users who live in states where recreational use has become legalized that still don’t know they have a right under state law to grow their own. Many people have never considered growing themselves and get excited when they learn they have the option! Check out our Home Cultivation Map to see if home growing is legal in your state. Also, see our Grow Guide to help get you started.

When first doing the reading and research about what equipment you need to get started, it can be overwhelming.  There are seemingly endless options on the market these days and the list is growing. How can you possibly know that you are choosing the absolute best setup for your needs? If you are on tight budget, grow tents and cheap boxes are an option. People don’t always have the funds to buy top of the line equipment. Purchasing cheap growing products will cost you, however. Service life, serviceability and replacement cost should be strongly considered. The goal, after all, is to economically start growing your own supply on a continual rotational basis. By spending a little more upfront on quality, you will save money over time, much like other things you use day-in-and-day-out like a dishwasher or a washing machine.

“With an expanding range of grow cabinets on the market, the consumer has more choice. Like any big purchase decision, consider its long term investment potential.”

In its most stripped down description, a grow cabinet is an enclosed grow box with internal lighting and motorized air exchange. They have a door and are hard-sided. Grow cabinets range in price from $300 on up to over $5,000. But don’t expect to start seeing quality components, construction and design until you are over the $1,500 mark. With an expanding range of grow cabinets on the market, the consumer has more choice. Like any big purchase decision, consider its long investment potential. Companies like SuperCloset makes a quality grow cabinet and system that uses hydroponics. You have other great choices from Grow Box USA. These are great options for a utility room or closet, but what about a grow cabinet that you’d want in your daily living space?

Enter Oregon Grow Cabinets. We are taking a different course when it comes to designing and building high-end grow cabinets. We want you to proudly display and use them in your living space. They are high quality pieces of furniture made using traditional mortise and tenon construction and solid hardwoods. They are elegant yet super rugged and will stand the test of time. I fully expect to see these units still in use decades from now. I safely don’t think you could say that about any other grow cabinets for sale today.

“Little did I know, I was building the first Oregon Grow Cabinet.”

Grow cabinet

The Manzanita “Micro” Grow Cabinet

When I began doing research on what I needed to begin growing, I wanted something that looked nice in my home. I found no options out there. So as a fine-furniture maker by trade, I designed and built my own. Little did I know, I was building the first Oregon Grow Cabinet. Friends and family encouraged me to begin offering them for sale because it appeared I had discovered a niche.

Fine-Furniture Quality Construction and Materials

At their core, every one of our grow cabinet models is a nice piece of furniture. Cutting corners has never been my style and these cabinets are no exception. Traditional mortise and tenon construction ensures these will never fall apart. Save for tossing off a building, they will stay together. Furniture makers know this time-tested technique has been around for centuries and is unequaled. The case is made from 13 ply void-less hardwood core baltic birch. All exposed edges are banded using solid hardwoods. The inside is construction using a proprietary patent-pending laminate made using an anodized aluminum skin with a mirror-like polished finish. It’s highly corrosion resistant and has a whopping 90% efficient reflectivity value, ensuring your plants receive the most light possible. The door features a solid hardwood wood frame and panel construction. The exterior is painstakingly sanded and polished for maximum beauty and effect. Finally, a low VOC durable lacquer finish is applied to protect your investment from UV light fading, bumps and light dings.

Inside view of grow cabinet lights

Inside reflection of the Manzanita grow cabinet

Patent Pending Design

Necessity is the mother of invention and I let this guide the way. To incorporate all of the features that I wanted, the standard grow cabinet box design was not going to do. After hitting the drawing board, a box within a box design was born. I wanted LED lights on the side as well as the standard top position. Overheating is a serious concern and our design addresses this by allowing air to flow behind the light panels to remove heat making this configuration possible for the first time. A system of air holes moves air from the bottom of the unit up through the top while simultaneously exchanging air out of the grow chamber and cooling the lights. All wires are hidden resulting in an sleek and clean design.

Best Technology Available

Our grow cabinets incorporate the best modern technology despite their traditional exterior design. Three efficient 50 watt LED panel lights (one up top, two on the sides) provide the optimal spectrum while running at very low temperatures so they don’t damage your plants. Up top, a whisper quiet aluminum exhaust fan keeps the inside running cool and provides plants with fresh air. Carbon filtration keeps unwanted smells inside the grow cabinet while washable metal mesh pre-filters on the bottom keeps pet hair and other large particles from entering and sticking to your plants. WiFi controlled light scheduling and brightness adjustments are all made from inside the smartphone app.

Final Thoughts

Grow Schedule Smartphone Application

Smartphone app controls light schedules and brightness

I encourage everyone to do their research. Scour the web and see what grow cabinets are available for purchase. Take your time deciding what would work best in your unique situation. If you are after the very best, I’m confident you will love our options and see good value in our designs. Our grow cabinets are the product of countless hours of experimentation and result-seeking. You can display them proudly at home with the joy of growing in your everyday living spaces. Please visit our homepage here… Oregon Grow Cabinets

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