“The story behind Oregon Grow Cabinets is not unlike the birth of many products: a need arose and nothing on the market fit the bill. I had the desire to grow my own cannabis, herbs and vegetables at home both effectively and aesthetically. I was also demanding a level of control and a user experience that no grow cabinet, grow box or grow closet on the market came close to providing. As a fine furniture maker with a love for tinkering and gadgetry, I designed a high-tech grow cabinet to grow plants easily and efficiently, using quality materials, construction techniques and patent-pending features that will stand the test of time. I am pleased to offer you the Oregon Grow Cabinet, from my home to yours.”

Adam Bronstein, Owner/Founder


Inside View

Optional Wireless Magnetic Lock


LED Lighting


Fresh Air Intake


Full Extension Bottom Drawer


ABS Waterproof Tray


Radiant Heating


Stainless Hardware


Foam Insulation


GFI Protected Outlet


European Hardware


Control Panel


Carbon Filter


Exhaust Fan

Outside View

Mortise and Tenon Door


Ornamental Handle


Rugged 13 Ply Construction




Durable Lacquer Finish


Select Solid Cherry


  • Scent Control

    The fully sealed environment and carbon air filtering ensure that smells are contained inside the unit.

  • Light Containment

    Light has nowhere to leak outside of the unit. Light cannot enter the unit either, keeping nighttime totally dark to optimize your growing environment.

  • Lock Up

    An optional remote controlled magnetic lock keeps unwanted hands out of your grow space with 600 lbs of holding power. Not available on the Broadleaf model.

  • Ultimate Control

    Geek out with a level of precision and control that is unrivaled. Test your own hypotheses to optimize growth and produce better results.

  • LED Lighting

    Lighting is controlled via a scheduled timer giving you automatic on/off switching.

  • Temperature

    Temperature is thermostatically controlled via scheduled timer allowing for warmer days and cooler nights.

  • Air movement

    Air movement is controlled via a variable speed switch.


  • Your Body, Your Health

    Pesticides and other chemicals are widely used in commercial growing operations. From seed to harvest, be in total control over how and what you use to grow your food and cannabis.

  • Get a Jump Start

    Get a jump start on the outdoor growing season by seeding your fruit and vegetables early. Our cabinets provide the ideal environment for your seedlings and young plants to thrive and grow strong before transplanting.

  • Green Thumbs Up

    Indoor gardening is a rewarding hobby and pastime. From growing cannabis to vegetables to orchids, the possibilities are nearly endless.

  • Save Money

    Cannabis is expensive. By growing your own supply, you are taking financial control. We see our grow cabinets as an investment, not just a great product.

  • Grow Your Own Food

    Our grow cabinets are vegetable growing machines. Tomatoes, herbs and lettuces love the environment that our cabinets provide. Imagine having a fresh supply of food all year long!

  • Brighten Your Day

    In addition to the act of gardening itself, working under a bright, full spectrum light is a mood booster.

  • Looks Great In Your Home

    Aesthetics and function do not have to be mutually exclusive. Our cabinets are constructed to furniture standards and designed to fit naturally in any room of your home. Place a custom order to match your home’s décor or personal style.

  • Energy Efficient

    Each model is fully insulated with reflective foam board. Tight seals at all joints around the door create a highly controllable environment. Our mid-sized model costs on average $5 per month in electricity costs to operate.


  • Great User Experience

    Our grow cabinets will quickly become a part of your daily life and routine. A full extension drawer provides easy access for tending your plants and cleaning.

  • Peace and Quiet

    Anti-vibration mounts on the motor ensure quiet operation. With the fan on low, the unit is virtually silent.




  • What is your warranty?

    Our warranty is for a period of one year from the date of purchase and covers only the original buyer. This covers workmanship, materials and hardware. HOWEVER, If your cabinet experiences a catastrophic failure due to workmanship after one year’s time, we will look at the merits of each case for the lifetime of the original buyer. Electrical components are manufactured by third parties and installed by OGC to specification. Warranty for electrical components is covered under the terms of the manufacturer and not by OGC.

  • Can I order custom size cabinets?

    Custom cabinet dimensions are not offered at this time. We have designed our three models to satisfy most needs. Please do reach out and let us know what you would be interested in seeing OGC manufacture in the future. Also, be sure to add yourself to our mailing list to stay informed of new product announcements.

  • Can I order custom wood combinations and styles?

    Absolutely. You have wood options available to you directly through our website under the “Models” section. If you require something different or would like to match style/aesthetic of your house decor, please contact us on the bottom of the page and we can provide a custom quote.

  • Do you ship?

    Yes, we do ship along the West Coast. Our units are available for pick-up or we will ship to CA, NV, OR, and WA. Additional shipping charges apply.

  • Can I personally pick up my unit?

    Yes, you can pick up your unit from our workshop in Central Oregon. OGCs are built just outside of Bend, Oregon. If you live in the area or have been meaning to take a road trip out this way, we would be happy to help you load up your new cabinet. Select “pickup” during checkout, and we will contact you with directions and pick-up arrangements when your cabinet is ready.

  • Can electrical components be easily replaced?

    Yes, electrical components can easily be swapped out or replaced. Having this ability is one of our most important design considerations, ensuring that your grow cabinet can be serviced and maintained for many years to come. For example, every component has easily accessible quick-connect plugs and the exhaust fan assembly is mounted with bolts, not screws. Remember to always unplug your unit before servicing. Be sure to call an electrician if you are not comfortable working with electrical components. Safety first!

  • How much energy will my cabinet consume?

    Current electricity rates in Central Oregon (.098 cents per kilowatt hour) were used to estimate energy consumption costs. Assuming your unit will be kept in your home living environment, the Evergreen and Conifer models will cost around five dollars per month to operate. The Broadleaf model will cost about eight dollars per month.

  • Can my OGC be used in a garage or shop?

    Yes, an Oregon Grow Cabinet can be placed in a garage or shop, but you should expect higher electricity costs to heat the unit if the ambient air temperature is not kept to the typical 65 – 68 degrees that would be found in your home. Typically, our grow cabinets can maintain a suitable internal growing environment when the external air temperature is 50 degrees or higher. Make sure to run your exhaust fan at the lowest setting when external temperatures reach near the 50 degrees mark. If your garage or shop tends to be dusty, make sure to clean the intake air filter more frequently. If your shop activities are generating sawdust, you will want to temporarily unplug the unit until the air clears.

  • What are the maintenance requirements?

    Maintenance is simple and easy. Clean the air intake filter and exhaust filter monthly or as needed. Dirty filters restrict airflow and put unnecessary strain on the exhaust motor, potentially shortening its lifespan. Wipe the outside of the unit with a damp cloth to clean dust. Avoid harsh cleaners that can stain the wood or damage the finish.

  • What are the laws for growing cannabis is my state?

    First and foremost, do your own due diligence. Ignorance of the law is no excuse and OGC will not be held liable for personal negligence. While still federally illegal to possess and grow cannabis, states have taken it upon themselves to draft their own laws. In Oregon, California, Alaska, Nevada, Massachusetts, Arizona and Maine, state law allows individuals to grow a select number of plants for personal use. Medical marijuana can be grown legally in twenty-eight states. Here are a couple good references.



  • Is the machine loud?

    The Oregon Grow Cabinet was designed to be used and enjoyed in the living environment. On the lowest setting, the exhaust fan cannot be heard unless you put your ear directly against the outtake. On medium, the volume is about what you would expect from a desktop computer. On high, it is comparable to a quiet conversation and makes for “white noise.”

  • Can odors leak out into the room?

    Odors do not leak from the closed cabinet. The onboard carbon filter eliminates smells and the tight seal on the inside of the cabinet ensure that all air passes through the filter. When you open the door, you should expect any odors from your plants to be released.


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